Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Longest Journey - Day 2

So as I mentioned on Day 1, the 9 of us packed into this small pick up truck and headed into the depths of the Andes. Before I go on I want to adjust the mental picture you probably have in your mind. When I say we drove to the villages, this doesn´t mean that we hopped onto a paved highway and just sat back until we arrived at our destination. No, it means we braved the one car width dirt paths that wind around the Andes as they slowly climb toward the peaks. The entire ride you are looking out your window thinking that at any moment you could be going over the edge into the abyss below. For 8 hours we continued up into the Andes, always hoping over the next mountain our destination would appear.

Beside a bit of anxiety, the trip was going well. That is until we reached the little town of Capillas where after the sun had long left us, we found mounds of dirt and rocks blocking the only passage through the village. We spoke to a local resident and he told us it would be 10 days before the road was rebuilt. Of course we could not wait that long so after some ingenious thinking and some expert driving skills from our driver, Oscar, we leveled the dirt enough to be able to make passage through the village. Wow...that was a close one. Another piece of important information is that once the sun goes down in the Andes you have nothing but a freezing cold environment where no one can be found wandering around the town. That is unless a truck full of Gringos is passing through your pueblo.

A couple of times the four guys in the back seat and the two in the bed had to get out and help push the truck up the dirt roads. It was quite an adventure to say the least. I remember constantly trying to comprehend the reality of our situation. It was unlike any experience I have had in all of my previous travels. In addition to the cold you get copious amounts of dust swirled up by the spinning tires. All of our bags were left in thick layers of dust from the trip. Around 9:00 pm we finally arrived to Sangayaico where we would be staying the night and leaving Ben and Steven for the next three weeks. The trip thus far had really allowed all of us to become very close friends and it would be difficult to continue on without the full team present. Upon arriving we ate some bread with cheese at the local restaurant which is really just someones house where food is served. Steven Ramirez who had traveled the entire trip in the bed was nearly frozen and covered in dust. All any of us wanted was just a place to lay down. During dinner, Edwin searched for places for us to stay for the night. The two women got beds in one of the teacher's home, three guys were staying in an open air room, and that left Anthony, Edwin, Oscar and myself searching for somewhere to spend the night. After failing to convince one family we were left sleeping upright in the truck in which we had ridden to the pueblo.

Well I have to head back to Laramarca but I believe I will be back in Ica next weekend and capable of using the internet. Im feeling some sickness coming i hopefully I can fend it off. Take care everyone!

On break in middle of nowhere to cool down car engine with water. Beautiful out here.

Steven and Ben relaxing.

Ramirez building a road.

Early morning fresh session.

Curious little girl.

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