Thursday, May 28, 2009

Is that a spider monkey?

Well I just found out that Piura will no longer be one of the deployment sites. That means to the jungle (San Martín) or mountains (Pasco) I go.

Here are a couple of photos of the XO laptop that I received. I've been working on establishing a long lasting relationship with her. This little things can do wonders. I can't wait to see the children's excitement when they begin using these laptops.

Look for an update and more information on my final deployment site.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Preparing to Know

Well I'm off for another adventure. This time I'm heading back to Peru with the One Laptop Per Child Organization for a two month long internship. I'm currently still in the process of figuring out the details of what I will be doing while I am down there but I can say that we will be in various schools in rural areas throughout Peru distributing XO laptops. I am petitioning to be located in Piura which is situated on the Northern Coast of Peru. I should find out for certain this coming week. Once I hear something I will post more information.

I actually received my own XO laptop so that I can become familiar with how to use it and in turn help the children to learn. This little green and white thing is incredible. It has the internet, a mesh network (so that all of the XO laptops can communicate meaning the kids can chat, send pictures, video, etc. to other XO's), a music making program, a paint program, and more. Here are some interesting links if you are curious about this organization and the XO laptop:
and for spanish speakers

Some videos about the OLPC program already taking place in Peru to give you an idea of the organization's purpose:

I will actually be writing a thesis for my Master of Global Innovation Management; therefore, I will be documenting as much of my experience as I can. With that said I hope to let all of you in on the details of my trip.

This is an amazing opportunity and I will certainly take advantage of every moment of it. When I return to the US in August I will be looking for employment so needless to say this may be my last adventure for a while...well maybe